Monday, January 6, 2014

Challenge #2 Innovations Planning Phase

Challenge #2 Innovations

For this challenge I have decided to make the 1910's corset that I had planned in 2012. 
I had gotten as far as my mock up and then stopped due to my pregnancy. Now I have lost an additional 25lbs plus all the baby weight so I need to start completely over. I had already purchased all of the materials because my plan had been to complete the corset sew along over at bridges on the body, see
I'm still planning on using this as a guide to get me through.
I chose this particular item for innovations because it was such a dramatic shift in the female form in a short amount of time. Throughout much of the 1800's the focus of feminine fashion was to accentuate the hips by reducing the waist. The corsets in the late 1800's into the early 1900's also tended to poof out the breast in order to create an ideal "S" curve. 

 An example of the "S" curve in action.

Notice the pigeon breast?

Then all of a sudden fashion shifted in such a way as to create more of a column out of the female form. The dramatic curves created by the Victorian and Edwardian corsetry were done away with and a new ideal look emerged.

 1912 Ladies Journal

1912 brides

The foundation for the above fashions were built on a new corset. 
I am using Reconstructing History's 1910's corset pattern.
I had purchased lavender coutil for this corset as well. Hopefully there will be other challenges in 2014 that I can fit in with making the entire ensemble that I was planning for a Titanic themed event. 

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