Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homestretch for the Ionar

Well, 2012 has been full of surprises and I have managed to pretty much not sew anything all year. Between my pregnancy, extra time at work to train someone for my position for maternity leave, and a case of severely swollen hands and feet (no joke, I had hulk feet), oh and another move, I never even managed to make myself maternity clothes or a baby blanket for the newly arrived Megan Elizabeth who made her appearance 10/17/2012.
That being said, I am happy to say that in spite of a new born who seems to make her awake time exactly when I sit down to get anything done, I have completed the hand work on the Ionar I started forever ago. Here are some pics. In keeping with tradition, my newest camera has gone missing so I have to post cruddy camera phone pics. Sigh... I think I know where to find the camera this time though. Looking forward to 2013, and sewing again. There is a fantasy fair in April and I am thinking of either a Queen of Hearts with Megan as a hedgehog, or me as Little Bo Peep and Megan as a lamb...
The Back
Right Side
Left Side
Now to prep the lining, put together my sewing area and put it all together!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ionar Progress and Something Modern for Me

The basic construction of the ionar that I am working on is coming along nicely. The embroidery, since I am doing completely by hand will be the long haul on this project. I sit in the evenings and needle away, here's some in progress pictures.

Sleeves, not lined as of yet but the fringe has been sewn into the seams and I did a tiny topstitch in order to ensure that the fringe lays flat instead of trying to pop up.

The pattern for the embroidery.

Embroidery progress, I'll be chipping away at this everynight until it's all ready to go. I love watching a picture come together out of thread and work.

Since the Ionar is mostly down to hand work I've started a project for myself as well, probably only take me a day or so. I'm so used to historical and vintage sewing projects that making something more modern is kind of weird, but being pregnant I don't want to work on any of my historical projects because I won't really be able to fit them. And I have to confess I hate buying maternity clothes, they are expensive and the fact that I know I'll only be wearing them for a few months makes it that much harder. So I went to my local fabric store yesterday and bought a pattern and some comfy feeling fabric with the plans to make a few things. Here is the project I started today.

Starting with the long dress then will probably also make one of the shirts. Guess I'll see how it goes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Irish Ionar Project

I've actually been working on a few projects however I managed to lose my second camera and the camera function on my phone stopped working. It was almost as if the universe conspired against my posting to my blog. I have been working on a really fun project though that I really wanted to post about so I used my new phone to take some less than perfect pictures. Hopefully my new and third camera will show up any day as well.
I have been working on a new 16th century Irish Ionar, based on several drawings and the Ionar that I made for Daniel 2 seasons ago.
Here is the Ionar I made for Daniel

A couple of drawings of Irish approx 16th Century.

I have already cut all of the pieces and have been working on the handwork for the main body, but here are some pics of the steps for some of the meat of the rest of the Ionar that I am working on

Nice clean sewing area

Ironing out the skirting prior to pleating.

Lovely knife pleats. Pleats used to scare the heck out of me, now I just love to pleat.

And with fringe basted on.

I also did the sleeves today but did not take pictures yet. With the skirting ready, once the body is done being embroidered I can easily attach the skirting then lining. More to come as I move forward and once I get my actual camera. :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 The Year of Chaos

2011 has ended and 2012 has officially begun.
2011 Was my year of Chaos. I started by expecting to Move in February so I boxed up my sewing and set it aside with dreams of my new huge sewing room. My move ended up being pushed back to the first of April. So I got very little costuming done. Then my move turned out to be a disaster. The big day arrived, I was packed and ready to go and as we started bringing our things over, I found that the previous occupiers had not finished moving out. So they cleared one room at a time as I moved my things in. My new sewing room ended up being the room where everything ended up.
 It took over a month to clear out and start setting up, then I learned that the half of the room where I wanted to put my sewing machines... well the outlets didn't work. So I rearranged, got cords, etc. During this time I was at least able to complete my 16th century stays, although I lost weight so I gave them to an awesome friend. I managed to have about 3 really good days of sewing with friends in the new work room and they were amazing.
Then the new crisis came. I wont go into too many details but basically I ended up moving again. And it was another messy cruddy move.
But now I am settled in my new place, which I love. And I have set up a little sewing area. I have already started on a 1910's corset with plans of a 1912 gown to follow. I also am sewing a 1940's skirt for myself for work.

I have big plans for 2012, and several unfinished projects that need to be completed.
Now all I have to do is find my camera....