Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ionar Progress and Something Modern for Me

The basic construction of the ionar that I am working on is coming along nicely. The embroidery, since I am doing completely by hand will be the long haul on this project. I sit in the evenings and needle away, here's some in progress pictures.

Sleeves, not lined as of yet but the fringe has been sewn into the seams and I did a tiny topstitch in order to ensure that the fringe lays flat instead of trying to pop up.

The pattern for the embroidery.

Embroidery progress, I'll be chipping away at this everynight until it's all ready to go. I love watching a picture come together out of thread and work.

Since the Ionar is mostly down to hand work I've started a project for myself as well, probably only take me a day or so. I'm so used to historical and vintage sewing projects that making something more modern is kind of weird, but being pregnant I don't want to work on any of my historical projects because I won't really be able to fit them. And I have to confess I hate buying maternity clothes, they are expensive and the fact that I know I'll only be wearing them for a few months makes it that much harder. So I went to my local fabric store yesterday and bought a pattern and some comfy feeling fabric with the plans to make a few things. Here is the project I started today.

Starting with the long dress then will probably also make one of the shirts. Guess I'll see how it goes.

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