Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Completed 16th Century Stays

I really wanted to document the making of this, however moving and then losing my camera made that difficult. So, here it is. Silk outer and bias binding, Linen lining, canvas interlining, plastic boning, wooden busk.
These came together very well. I even hand sewed the eyelets. I wish I had gone ahead and followed the pattern for the tabs, because they are more far apart than I would like. But overall it was a good and useful experience.
I intend to make 18th century stays with the same fabrics, only the lighter as the body, and the trim and stomacher out of the darker.
Now that I have a work room and am mostly settled in the new house I can make more and post more.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Camera = New Posts on the way

In February I went to Florida on a business trip and ended up sacrificing my digital camera to the Atlantic Ocean. After that I moved and have not really worked on anything sewing related. However, I have now bought a new digital camera and am anxiously awaiting its arrival this Friday so that I can begin to show my new work room, new scary industrial sewing machine, and projects of course. So, stay tuned, I am hoping to have an actual sewing related post up this weekend.