This craziness began back in 1998. I've always been a history geek so in hindsight it was just a natural progression. First I was invited to go to a Renaissance Faire and had nothing to wear. So I rented a costume from a local costume shop. While I visited the fair with friends a group there invited me to join up and go to more faires. I asked about costuming options thinking that I would very much like to portray a middle class merchant of some sort. I was informed that at Renaissance Faires there were only two classes, Nobles or Peasants. So I decided to be a noble and spent well over $600 and many hours researching as much as I could with my limited knowledge and no Internet to have a costume made. It was powder blue velveteen with a gold forepart.
I could spend so much time now going over that first costume for its inaccuracies, but I had a blast in it. Later as I had another even grander gown commissioned I lent out my powder blue costume and it took quite a beating over the years. I still have it in a box, can't quite bring myself to let it go.
I ended up only going to faires for about 2 years, then I found other interests, then had my second son. In 2002 or so I started being interested in more of the Victorian Era and in 2003 I finally learned to sew a bit for myself.
2009 was a year of rediscovery as I made friends with others who were interested in costuming and attending events in garb. I spend 2009-2011 sewing and attending everything I could. Then I spent 2012 pregnant and 2013 raising a baby.
Now I am preparing to fulfill my promise to myself that 2014 I will do more for myself again. This includes sewing and attending events. I miss my friends, I miss having an outlet for my limited creativity.
So thank you for joining me on this crazy journey!

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