Saturday, December 1, 2012

Homestretch for the Ionar

Well, 2012 has been full of surprises and I have managed to pretty much not sew anything all year. Between my pregnancy, extra time at work to train someone for my position for maternity leave, and a case of severely swollen hands and feet (no joke, I had hulk feet), oh and another move, I never even managed to make myself maternity clothes or a baby blanket for the newly arrived Megan Elizabeth who made her appearance 10/17/2012.
That being said, I am happy to say that in spite of a new born who seems to make her awake time exactly when I sit down to get anything done, I have completed the hand work on the Ionar I started forever ago. Here are some pics. In keeping with tradition, my newest camera has gone missing so I have to post cruddy camera phone pics. Sigh... I think I know where to find the camera this time though. Looking forward to 2013, and sewing again. There is a fantasy fair in April and I am thinking of either a Queen of Hearts with Megan as a hedgehog, or me as Little Bo Peep and Megan as a lamb...
The Back
Right Side
Left Side
Now to prep the lining, put together my sewing area and put it all together!

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