Saturday, January 12, 2013

2012 Goodbye! 2013 Here I Come!

Sigh, I did almost no sewing in 2012. Being pregnant meant that making things for myself was daunting at best. I just couldn't get excited about making anything maternity related. To top it off my hands also decided to swell to a size to rival the Hulk's hands so I just focused on other things.
That being said I have managed to start 2013 off on the right foot by competing the Ionar I started on a zillion years ago. Here are some pics of the completed project.


The Ionar was made from dark Red Wool, Green Silk for the lining, And fringe for trim. I did the embroidery by hand, although used cord for the gold swirls. The body of the Ionar is one piece, I used the pattern that was sent to me by the gentleman who requested the project. The sleeves include a gusset at the shoulder to help the sleeve fall more forward rather than back. Silk cord is used for the closure on the sleeves as well as the front. I've made several Ionar's over the past several years, but this one required a lot more hand work, so it was more challenging. It's nice to start the new year off with a completed project. 

In 2012 I also sadly lost my sewing nemesis Khestral. He was deeply loved even though he was evil incarnate. He would eat my patterns, pull my pins out of the cushion and drop them on the floor, curl up in any fabric that remotely looked like it may be for a project, and generally disrupt my sewing activities at his whim. He died and even though sewing was less challenging it just wasn't the same.

This basket by the way was holding all of my sewing "gadgets"

Now with 2013 I have a new sewing Nemesis. Her name is Megan. Oh she may look cute now and she can't quite get to my patterns to eat them, but she has the psychic ability that most babies have with regards to mommy needing to get things done. In fact as I was writing this blog I was called away no less than 3 different times for diaper changes, feedings, and cute baby snuggle time. On the plus side, making baby sized historic clothes is going to be awesome and as she gets older I shall make us disgustingly cute matchy outfits complete with any number of accessories such as bonnets.

2013 is going to be filled with wonderful and exciting things, I am quite sure. 

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