Wednesday, November 20, 2013

2013 Another Lost Year

I remember feeling so optimistic about how much I was going to get done in 2013. My little girl was born in October of 2012 and I apparently had amnesia about how babies rarely allow their mommies to accomplish much of anything. Especially working mommies who are already gone most of the day. 

I lovingly set up my sewing area, sorted my fabric stash, and began to plan my new creations...
It is now November and I have completed exactly two items and have started one more. I haven't so much as opened this blog for months. 
I just got the announcement for the Sew Fortnightly for 2014 with The Dreamstress and I have decided that I am going to participate! Maybe I'll only make small items and maybe not grand ball gowns, but sewing was my one creative outlet and I miss it! 
For what it's worth here are the two projects that I actually did complete in 2013:

I made just the Ionar/Jacket in this picture. He actually drafted his own pattern and sent it to me to use. The gold cord was couched and the embroidery done all by hand. This gentleman wanted to get as close to authentic as possible. I think his look nailed it based on the few references that we have on 16th century Irish fashion I started the work in late 2011, then set it aside. Completed it in time for his event in 2013 but was woefully behind even still. But it turned out wonderfully!

My motley little family at the Easter Bonnet Promenade earlier this year. The skirt is what was completed on a fairly elaborate outfit that I had planned for the event.
I used Truly Victorian Pattern TV297 1898 flared Skirt and the linen and trim both came from my stash. 
I'll have to see what challenges will come up in 2014 that will allow me to complete the Swiss waist, blouse, and jacket that were all planned for this ensemble. 
I am excited for the year to come and now Megan will be able to be a little doll for me to dress up. :)

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