Sunday, January 19, 2014

1910 Corset Construction

After making changes to my mock up and trying it on again I cut into my actual fabric. I still get a slightly panicky feel when I make that first cut.

I made some serious adjustments to the pattern to give more room in the hips and to take out all of the excess in the under bust area. I didn't like the line and the fit with the side piece split in two so I changed that piece as well. It all worked well on the mock up so it was time to get down to business.

Pretty felted seams.

The actual construction of this corset went rather quickly. I was determined to use stash items as much as possible so a lot of digging through various baskets, boxes, and various other containers happened. I didn't get nearly enough pictures of the work in progress. Before I knew it I had gotten through two seasons of Once Upon a Time on Netflix and was almost done.

I have to say I am rather proud of how quickly I got the busk in. It has been forever since I've sewn a corset and the busk used to scare the heck out of me but with this one I just did it.

 The grommets were a pain though. I still have the hand held grommet setter and I ended up with some sharp edges that I had to file down

There was some slight unevenness around the bottom that I had to cut into a nice shape before I could bind the bottom. But over all it all came together fairly well.

Digging through my box of odds and ends I found this dark purple bias tape. So I knew exactly what I was binding the bottom with. I had the exact same shade of purple satin ribbon from a baby shower gift that I used for the top along with some vintage lace from my vintage box of lace and trim. Next post will show the completed project.
I can't leave without showing my little helper up to her mischief. Those are her brother's feet in the back ground. He was supposed to be keeping her out of my sewing stuff... I eventually got my measuring tape back.

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