Thursday, January 9, 2014

1910 Corset Mock Up #1

With the photography skills of my eldest son I was able to try on my mock up of the 1910 corset. First I had to re-cut my mock up fabric in order to fit my new post-baby body, but being able to cut the pattern smaller was a pretty nifty experience.
Unfortunately mock up #1 had some serious fitting problems. Keep in mind as you look at the pictures that this is an under bust pattern...

 Front view. There will be a busk in the front but to mimic it I sewed the front pieces together and inserted some boning to give it shape. As you can see there are "wings" on the sides. I had cut the pattern even smaller than the measurement called for, but it looks as if it is meant for someone with a larger ahem... shelf than what I have.
 Side view. This is the portion of the pattern that just really isn't working. the side just bulges like crazy.

 Close up of side view, both sides have the identical problem.

 And rear view. Of course my real body is a bit squishier than my dress dummy so I'm used to the back view being a little off.

 So I thought to myself, it can't be right. My real body will squish and so the fit will be different. Sewing my handy dandy lacing strips on to the back and... nope it really was that bad of a fit. 
The back, as I predicted wasn't quite as bad though. I did leave out the front picture that my son took, trust me, it wasn't pretty.

So back to the cutting table. I must say that I am not exactly thrilled with this particular pattern. I almost trashed the whole project in lieu of using one of the patterns from Bridges on the Body. I wasn't that far along in the project after all. But I decided that I will continue on with this one because I want to see if I can over come the issues and see how it comes out. That way it's more of a learning experience for me and for anyone else that may have the same issues and stumbles upon this blog. 

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