Friday, October 2, 2009

October is full of projects

The bustle gown is going to have to be put on hold until after October. I had planned to attend the Sweeney Todd Ball this weekend However a friend of mine has come in from England for a visit and has also gotten engaged. So... My Saturday shall be filled with friends, pictures of wedding gowns, food, and fun. I'm sure I will find a reason to complete the bustle gown but for now I have several things to start/work on/complete for October.
Events in October:

Folsom Renaissance Faire

 The Halloween Gaskells

Folsom Faire is one of my favorite faires and it is very close to where I live. This year is also special because my oldest son will be performing there with his vaulting team. I've put many hours into preparing the team to demonstrate vaulting as a historically accurate sport during the Renaissance, so far the kids are doing very well and are having fun. Also our horses are a big hit!

Halloween Gaskells is always one of my favorites. I have gone on and off for almost 12 years. My favorite was about 8 years ago, my friend Wendy made absolutely the most gorgeous fox gown out rust and gold fabrics. I wish I had pictures... She had bought the rust fabric on sale for $1.00 a yard to use for a mock up of a victorian bodice pattern we had in a book. The illustration was only about 2 inches and she scaled it up and made the bodice. It turned out so nicely that she used it as inspiration for her full gown. I decorated my blue and black ball gown with peacock feathers and we had an evening full of fun.

Both of these events are going to involve a great deal of sewing so look for future posts...

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