Tuesday, September 29, 2009

1870's Blue Bustle Ball Gown

I have actually been working on several projects and have been pretty terrible about posting them. So after a few "reminders" from people who don't actually follow blogs I promised I would do a better job. I thought I was curious... I never used to even read blogs except if I was pretty bored or if I was researching something specific and I could find a good dress diary about it. Now I find myself jumping to familiar blogs and mumbling under my breath about nothing "new" to read about..

I've been working on a bustle gown for a little less than two weeks off and on. Some of my inspirations are based on the Gowns designed by Charles Worth. Here is one of my favorites. This is a gown from 1872 which is the time period which I am basing my gown on.
I really liked the lines of trim on the underskirt of the Worth Gown, so I incorporated that look into my gown. I chose pleated trim with lace. I will have darker blue rouching above the trim. I found the trim on sale at Joann's for $.29 per yard and so I bought it all. To my dismay there was not enough to do more than two full rows of trim. So I will have a matching blue ruffle on the bottom of the overskirt and also the darker blue rouching.

Below are a couple of pictures of where I am with this gown. I apologize for the poor quality in pictures. I will get newer/better ones soon. These were the only ones I took at this stage, and my other lamp for the sewing room with MIA.

Here is the underskirt and side drape over skirt. Both patterns are from Truly Victorian. I love their patterns and have used several of them.

The back view shows the sashes that are part of this overdrape. I had some embroidered silk left over from a Renaissance gown that I made, and by some I mean over 5 yards... I thought it would look really cute peeking out, to my dismay the cream of the silk is off from the off white of the cotton that I lined the rest with. I couldn't bring my self to tear out that many stitches and redo it so my OCD just has to deal.

Unfortunately this gown is going on the back burner. I have other commitments so I will not be attending the event I was making for. Instead I will be focusing on my October projects. These include: finishing Anton's Hat, making an 18th century costume for my son, making an Irish outfit for Ashlin, and completing at least one of the Renaissance gown for myself for Folsom Faire. Also the vaulting team may need repairs or new items. I will try to remember to keep this up to date. Blogging is not my strong point.

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