Monday, September 28, 2009

New bustle gown in the works

Ok, I am actually going to move my sewing blog from Live journal and leave my live journal for more about my horses, kids, and non sewing hobbies.

Current projects I am working on include a Hat for Anton and I started a bustle gown and a costume for Robert for the Halloween Gaskells.

This update is mostly about my bustle gown.

Originally it was supposed to be a polonaise gown like this one. This is actually one of the patterns that I have although I was going to alter it and change it up just a tad.
Here is the fabric that I was going to use. I found it at Triad on sale!

So I was going to find a nice blue or even a yellow for the underskirt and trims. Well Joanns had a sale on silk taffeta and I saw a nice blue that I thought would look perfect. Let me tell you I learned several lessons from buying that fabric. One I will not order fabric that I want to match with something online again. Two I will not order from again, they had the worst customer service ever and when I went to track my package their system told me it had been delivered to Abu Dabi. I'm not kidding, it really said that. Also the silk was not nearly the quality that I would have preferred. The fabric came and the color was totally off.

However, the color itself was very nice. So I put the plaid polonaise aside for not and started on a different concept for a bustle gown.

Here is the beginning of the front apron. As you can see, the color is completely wrong. It was much darker in the picture on the website.

More to come later....

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