Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hat Adventure

A few weeks ago a friend of mine requested some help with a hat. I took my hobby of sewing back up last year and decided that there was a lack of good hats out there so of course I wanted to try to make my own. In doing so I learned that I enjoy making hats and even am begining to understand the concepts behind hatmaking. I have since created a pillbox, a french hood, and an italian bonnet. Each getting better and increasing my understanding of how buckram works.
This particular hat is fairly unique. It is a Russian style military hat and tht top is square in shape with a round base with a wide trim made of fur/wool. This is actually a difficult hat to find information and pictures on, but Anton did provide me with several.
Materials I will need:
Buckram - I will actually fuse 2 pieces together for extra stiffening.
Millinary wire - used for molding to shape and to hold shape.
Flannel - for Milling softening the edges
Dark gray wool felt - lucky for my my friend Clint bought the exact color in LA and has been so kind as to donate enough for the hat.
Cotton - lining don't want the inside to be ugly.

Tonight I will start playing with pattern plastic to make a mock up before cutting into any of my good materials. Looks like the top is a basic square of buckram 5 or 6 inches across the point of the square faces forward. There is about 2 inches of space between the top of the hat and the top of the wool. Here Anton is going to place a cockade. The wool trim is about 4 inches high and lucky for me already fitted to his head.

Pics to follow.

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