Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Things to do and new inspiration

Actually completing Robert's outfit brought to light the painful number of unfinished projects that I have allowed to accumulate. I am afraid that I very much suffer from Costumers ADHD. I find somthing I love and I really want to sew, buy the fabric, start on it, then... oooh look at that one, I must make it. So the poor unfinished gown gets put away in a trunk until an event comes up that I really want to wear it to.
Here is a list to keep myself focused:

Ash's Ionar for his Irish outfit. Mostly finished, needs for me to sew the skirting on.
Then attach the sleeves and closures.

Anton's hat. Needs to be lined, hemmed, then starched.

Chrismas Gaskell's Gown. Bodice needs to be taken in a tad and I need to finish attaching the trim.

Florentine Gown. Worn to Oct Gaskell's needs the sleeves, net, and caul. Considering entering it to for a showcase per advice from Laurie from Her Florentine gown which was showcased in July is easily one of the most beautiful creations I have seen.

1870's Bustle Ball Gown. Needs Ruffle for overskirt, More trim, and I plan to make two bodices. I should be happy if I finish one bodice first though.

Doublet gown. Need to pleat the skirt into the waistband and hem. Then I actually need to sew the doublet. I've been planing this outfit for 10 years...

These are just the projects that I have actually started. I have more that are sitting as just patterns and fabric.
So... no new stuff for me until I get the above completed. This is my challenge to myself.

Now for inspiration for a future ball gown....

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