Saturday, October 3, 2009

Irish outfit for Ashlin

Ashlin is my roommate and a great guy. Over a year ago my sewing machine was giving me problems so he bought me a new one. A nice Singer machine with some bells and whistles. In exchange I agreed to be his sewing slave. So far I have only made him a shirt. Ash likes to play with one of the Irish groups at faire and after an expensive trip to the Los Angeles Fabric District we agreed on a new outfit for him.

Here is a sketch or Irish men during the Renaissance period. Notice the baggy shirts with huge sleeves and the short jackets? This is what Ash would like, and he has also requested a pair of trews as well. The shirt is a leine and the jacket is called a kilcommen or is refered to as an ionar. He purchased some nice white linen for the leine and dark blue wool for the kilcommen.

He also bought me these shears to help cut the fabric. I normally use a rotary cutter but I think with the thickness of the wool that the shears will be better.

Last night I cut the pattern pieces, today I prewash the fabric. I am thinking I will be working on this project next week.

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