Monday, October 26, 2009

The big night and unfinished projects

Gaskells was a wonderful night. I had many lovely dances and enjoyed catching up with friends. Robert's costume was a great success. So here are a couple of pictures. Unfortunately the lighting was not the greatest so several pictures that I took did not turn out well enough to post.

I forgot to pack the stockings...
I decided on the coat against using a ton of gold trim. The simple brass buttons seemed to work really well and I used gold thread for the button holes to highlight them. He recieved many compliments and had a wonderful time. Alanna is already trying to get him to invite her to the Christmas ball.

Two hours before we were going to leave I still had nothing to wear. I had gotten my face painted at an event at work and was thinking of pulling out an old fairy costume. My friend Maricica came over and saw my Florentine bodice peeking out from under a few hats on a shelf and suggested I wear that. Well it is only half finished and still has no sleeves, but with a little peer pressure I went for it. To my great suprise I recieved many compliments.

Close up of face painted and bodice.

Here I am with Maricica with Clint's mask.

I must say this gown was my first attempt at draping a pattern. It was extremely comfortable! I was not wearing my corset underneath it, so the sides wrinkled up a bit. I'm really glad that I wore it. I just need to complete the rest of it. So look for future posts.

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