Thursday, March 13, 2014

Vest Front Bodice Progress

This project has been pretty slow going. Between running out of canvas for interlining, discovering that I don't have any boning in the sizes that I need, and just constantly being interrupted I am surprised that I am making progress at all. 
Here's the basic body, luckily it fits. 

 Front view, it's on my dummy a little crooked. 

Back view. I do love the back details. 
As with most of the Truly Victorian Patterns, this one is coming together fairly easily. I just finished up the sleeves and I do think I managed to make them in such a way that they don't actually match what the pattern called for, but they still look pretty good so I'm going to leave them. I just don't have time to fix them if I'm going to actually complete this challenge on time. 

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