Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Challenge #4: Under it All

The Challenge: Under it All
Fabric: Linen
Pattern: Diagrams from The Tudor Tailor
Year: 1500's 
Notions: Thread 
How historically accurate is it? 80% machine sewn and poly cotton thread
Hours to complete: 6ish
First worn: not yet
Total cost: Everything was actually from my stash

This is my second time making one of these square necked smocks and I still managed to make the neck hole to big so I had to fix by pleating in at the corners. It did give me some practice at the box pleating for the sleeves which I plan to use again with another piece in the near future. 
This project didn't get a lot of attention but at least I still made the challenge. The next couple challenges are bigger and I'm hoping I can keep up.

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