Monday, March 10, 2014

Challenge #5 Bodice Planning Phase

Challenge #5 Bodice had many possibilities for me. 
Should I finally make my new 16th century bodice? 
What about a ballgown bodice? 
What events do I plan to attempt to make it to this year? 
Well I am planning on attending the Easter Bonnet Promenade again this year in Old Sacramento. My mother in law is very involved and it gives her an opportunity to show off her grandchildren.
So I have decided it is time to complete my Bustle ensemble. 

Here is the skirt and Apron that I have so far, now I need an appropriate Bodice for a Promenade.

I chose another pattern from Truly Victorian TV405

I wanted to do the main part of the bodice in the dark velvet, however I used most of that fabric for a pirate coat and pants for my son when he was about 12. So I fell down the rabbit hole that is Pintrest in order to justify the darker color for the vest portion and the lighter color for the body portion. Here are a few of the pictures that I found that I loved!

  Towson Univ. Dep't of Theater Arts 1870

Dress ca. 1880 From the Bunka Gakuen Costume Museum

Mine won't be nearly as lavish, but it's going to be fun to make and fun to wear. 

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