Friday, March 14, 2014

1870's Bodice, Almost There

I ended up working over a weekend so I took a week day off from the day job to relax. My day was spent pretty much sewing and watching Merlin. The results are that I may just finish this Challenge in time for the deadline which is tomorrow. 
Here are some progress shots. 

 Front view. I practiced my button hole feature on my machine for almost half an hour to make sure I got these spaced properly. I actually do like how the dark velvet plays off of the lighter silk. My one regret is that with the time restraint and my attempt to use stash items as much as possible I really didn't do any embellishments like I would like. I may go back late and add details to the collar and cuffs at least. 

 Back view. I am liking the tail. I need to put the skirt and bustle on my dummy to see how it will actually look though. 

Side view. I may make this pattern again and change the design of the bottom, I think it could be made to be a lot more fun over all. 

Since taking these pics all I have to do is the hand sewing including the buttons, so my Friday night is going to be split between time with my family and time with my sewing. Looking forward to posting the entire outfit. Then all I will need is a proper bonnet or hat.

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