Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Challenge 6: Fairytale- Skipping This One

The next Challenge due April 1, 2014 is Fairytales. Lot's of fun ideas have come up but I have just not been able to find inspiration. So I've decided rather than force something, I am going to work on a different project. 
I plan to attend a Titanic Themed Tea in April and I really need something to wear.
So for these two weeks I will be creating a 1912ish tea gown. Here are some inspiration gowns.

 I love the tiers on this one along with the very feminine pinks.

 This one is more the actual style I am going to go for on my own gown that I am working on. 

These would be fun to play with, however I just won't have the time....

Step 1. Fabric choice: I had some lovely lace and embroidered curtains, I also owned a kitten, these two things did not mix well. So I took the curtains down and saved them, just in case.. It is the lace curtains that will be the over bodice and over skirt. I don't have enough that is not shredded to do more than one layer so my over skirt will be one layer. For the under dress I was determined to not buy new fabric but to use my stash. I found a little over 3 yards of some off white poly satin. Yuck I hate poly now, but at least it will be out of my stash and it should look the part. For the sash I found some dark green shantung. Voila, an idea. 

Step 2. Pattern choice: Well I have the infamous Titanic gown pattern from Simplicity and no time to order a new one so I will be practicing my altering abilities. 

Step 3. Finding the time: So far I'm chugging along. Megan thinks it's hilarious to sabotage my cutting attempts. I have also decided that the portion of my sewing area that I have for cutting is just too small, time to bring my smaller sewing desk up and to use the large table for cutting and detail work. 

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