Sunday, December 20, 2009

1860's day gown success

Yesterday was Gaskell's and Dickens Faire, we had such a great time.
The day gown was a huge success, it was comfortable and turned out quite lovely.
Ballgown bodice did not get completed, but I was ok with that. I would rather finish it up for the next Gaskell's rather than rush and get myself upset over it. So here are some pictures of the gown in action.

Maricica and I at Dicken's Faire.

Shot of the whole dress.

Here I am with my two boys. Robert is the one on the left in his little 18th century outfit, and Mathew is on my right. Mathew doesn't do pictures so I had to sit there smiling until he was distracted enough to stand still...
And now I have a pile of unfinished projects that I will work on completing after a week or so off from sewing.
Happy Holidays everyone.

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  1. I'm so envious that you got to go to Dickens! It looks like you had a great time!