Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 costume wins

Since I reentered the costuming world summer of 2008 it has been a whirlwind of activity. First I had to come to terms with the fact that none of my garb from 8 years ago fit me any longer. My 24 inch waist is a thing of the past and I am ok with that. Next I needed to get my sewing skills up to par since I hadn't even looked at a sewing machine in 8 years either, and I only dabbled a bit to begin with. This year in particular has been one of a phenomenal amount of personal growth. It started with me working a cruddy job that had crazy hours and made me want to commit violent acts. Now I have a decent paying job that I actually enjoy. It makes a huge difference. I started a lot of projects in 09 and only actually finished a handful. My new years resolution is to complete my unfinished projects and not start anymore new ones until then. There is only one major 2010 costume project on my agenda and that is my Harley Quinn Steampunk Masquerade ball gown, slated to be worn for fall of 2010 with Maricica's steampunk Poison Ivy, and our signifigant other's Batman Villian steampunk ensembles. I am extremely excited about this project and am using it to bribe myself to finish my other projects.
So competed in 2009:

1860's Day Gown (ballgown bodice pending)

Robert's 18th century outfit (I will need to get some better pics before he completely grows out of it)

Tudor chemise

Tudor Peticote

Tudor Kirtle (plan to add a few jewels)

Tudor Overgown (undersleeves just missing jewels)

Revamp of my Blue Italian gown.

Italian Bonnet
No good piture of the finished bonnet, since the gown I made it to go with is not completed.

Doublet and skirt for Ivanna on the vaulting team.
(that is actually my Italian Bonnet she is wearing)

Also completed outfits for the rest of the vaulting team for Ren Faires.

That's my son wearing his pants, doublet, and shirt that I made for their historical performances.

Pillbox Hat

Basic Victorian Corset
(no good pics, just a simple laughing moon white corset)

Mom's DiscCon costume. I guess you have to be a Terry Pratchett fan to get it. But it won an award much to my suprise. There is a long explanation that goes with this one...

Wow looking at the list, I guess I have been more productive than I had thought. I think I will do a different entry for in progress projects.


  1. I get your mom's costume! And think it is fabulous!

  2. Yay!!! Once I have more free time I will read the DiscWorld series. This was my mom's first convention and she was super excited about the costume ball.