Sunday, December 13, 2009

1860's bodice update.

So after a couple of days of wrestling with the stripes of my day gown bodice I decided to go ahead and make the ball gown bodice to keep my momentum going.

Mock up of ballgown bodice.
The front comes down a little further than I would like but over all the mockup fit really well.

And here is the front view.

And a side view.
So now I need to add boning, sleeves, lining, and a bertha or somthing. Oh and hooks and eyes to the back. Then I will have a nice little ballgown bodice to go with my pretty skirt.

After I got this far it was time to suck it up and get back to the daygown bodice.
First I recut pretty much the entire thing...
While recutting I thought, gee I really like chevron fronts... and so I cut the front pieces differntly this time.
Then I began to panic because matching the stripes had been so incredibly difficult the whole time. These thick stripes are really unforgiving. But At this point I only had enough fabric for one more mistake so I continued forward figuring that I was saving the other pieces just in case.
And I am proud to say that I think I mostly won against the stripes.

Here is the back view now.
The fabric is folded a bit so you can't see how well they actually do match up.

And the front.
The only issue now is the sides because there was just no way that I could really match the stripes at all of the seams.

So the vertical runs into the horizontal, but I have decided that I can live with it.
And I am quite pleased that the back side seams meet so much better than before.
Now I need to add the boning, lining, and front closures to this one as well.
One week and 2 bodices that are about %75 completed. Heading into the homestretch....


  1. I love this! Stripes: 0 - You: 10! Cannot wait to see it in person. :D

  2. I love the daygown bodice. Somehow the fabric looks like curtains on the evening bodice, but I am sure a bertha will completely change my mind!

    If the evening bodice is too long, why don't you just cut it shorter?

  3. Thanks! The ballgown bodice is still in draft status, I need to try it on again with my corset and skirts on so I can make sure I don't cut it to high. I am really hoping the bertha and sleeves break it up a bit. So hopefully I'll ahve one more update before this weekend....