Thursday, February 6, 2014

Challenge #3 - Pink, Planning Phase

Actually completed 2 challenges so far in the Historical sew fortnightly. And have worked out a nice little system for sewing with Miss Megan. One problem with this challenge, I don't own any pink fabric. I thought I did, I was sure I owned some peach almost pink linen so I tore my stash apart. I finally found it and it was much closer to orange and using it felt like cheating. In my memory I have some lovely burgundy velveteen with ity bity white flowers on it and I briefly considered using it to make a Spencer. I eventually decided against that project for now. So boxes and boxes of fabric and only a few scraps here and there of ugly pink satin to show for it. So I decided to go to my list of things that I absolutely would like to add to my costume collection this year. 
Finally I decided upon new bloomers. Not just any bloomers though; Fancy, Frilly Bloomers. So once again I actually bought fabric instead of using my stash sigh... These bloomers are part of my concept for my Fairytale project as well.

Luckily for me, this pattern is super easy, so hopefully I can just get through this challenge and move on the next one which also involves underwear. I am really hoping to have a full set of Victorian underwear pretty soon. It's going to be pretty difficult to make any other Victorian pieces until I have the proper foundations. 

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