Saturday, September 11, 2010

Polonaise Is Moving Forward

My Polonaise gown has been living on my dress dummy silently mocking me. It is sewn together, fits me perfectly, just missing sleeves and trim. I would not have believed that trim would be such a problem, and yet as I have stared at this piece for several weeks, I have not been inspired at all to complete it. So I have gone through pages and pages of illustrations and photos from the 1870's waiting for something to jump out at me. And here it is finally day before yesterday this fashion plate spoke to me.

I am just going to do a simple navy blue box pleated trim. I spent so much time trying to find the "right" lace or the "right"tassels or the "right" ribbons. But I am going to just let the trim be simple so the lovely plaid shows through. I will use hooks and eyes to close and false navy blue buttons down to my waist and allow the sides to hang open at the hips much like the gown on the right. I will also add a bit more trim to the bottom of my skirt to tie them together.
So a lot of boring cutting, sewing and pleating for the weekend. On the bright side, I really need to practice my box pleats.
On another note, my eldest son has borrowed my camera for his yearbook class and so now I have to track it down so I can take pictures of my progress. Ah the joys of motherhood.

Next I need a really awesome hat....

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