Sunday, August 22, 2010

Back from Costume College

I am a terrible blogger. It's been two weeks since Costume College and have not posted anything.
I also have a few more projects and updates I've been chipping away at that I have not
posted anything about. I have a little time today so I am playing catch up. So here's the scoop from Costume College.

Steam punk was the theme of the weekend which meant they would have a track specifically for Steam Punk classes. I like Steam Punk, however there were other classes that I was more interested in and my two roomies were all about the Steam Punk so I figured I could always pick their brains.

I did not get many pictures. Unfortunately... Which was my mistake. I did take several from the fashion exhibit which I am happy to share.

I learned a lot while at Costume College, not just about the sewing and such but about how to go in the future and get the most out of it. For example:

Lesson 1 - When I signed up and received my catalog I chose 4 limited classes because I wanted to feel as if I was walking away with something. In the future I will probably only choose one limited class and then attend as many of the shorter classes I can that interest me.

Lesson  2 - Take my camera everywhere and have others take pictures of me as well.

Lesson 3 - Pack more costumes than I think I will need. I really only packed a couple of things, I figured that I would wear street clothes most of the time. *Wrong* Costume College provides such a great opportunity to be able to wear my various things "just because". I had been worried that I didn't really have a lot of "Steam Punk" garb, however the majority of the costumers there were actually wearing 18th Century garb.

I am still so thrilled that I went. I learned some tricks and tips and saw so many gorgeous costumes from all different eras. Total win! I will be there next year!

So without further ado, here are some of the very few pictures that I actually had on my camera from the event.

Steam Punk display at the beginning of the exhibit. Surprising how much can be done with a toy gun and some paint.

Nice and cheery bonnet.

I just loved this bustle gown.

And the equally awesome back.

Lovely Kimono. I have several friends who wish to include Asian inspired fashion into their Steam Punk persona's.

Gorgeous example of a bustle gown made from Saris. She said three Saris died for this gown. I think it was well worth it.

I did bring my 1950's style dress and so when we had lunch at a 50's style diner, had to get the photo opp.

I wore my 1870's bustle gown skirt with my brown paisley corset and hijacked Robert's coat I made him last year to the Gala. I ended up forgetting my bustle so I had to use a folded up towel. The down side to that is that is squished me all weird and I ended up needing to leave fairly early in the evening because it ended up rather painful.

I still had a terrific time though, dinner was great, the company was great, just all around worth it. I would recommend the trip to anyone who enjoys costuming on any level.

Dessert and it tasted as good as it looked.

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