Monday, June 28, 2010

Costume ADD hits again

I pulled out everything to start on Harley Quinn this weekend and I really meant to start on it. But as I pulled the red silk out I saw there in the back looking all abandoned, my blue and yellow plaid I had bought for a polonaise project. I had bought the very last of the fabric and really did not know if I would have a enough for a polonaise or if I would end up being short, so it has sat on it's spool waiting for me to have the time and energy to take it out and lay the pattern to see if it would be workable. Well since I had a friend over doing sewing stuff anyway I figured what's a couple of moments to lay a pattern just to see. Well it fit perfectly, just enough plaid.

The steampunk group here in Sac is getting together with the GBCS which is ran by Lauren at for a train ride excursion to Virginia City in September and I am thinking the Polonaise may be the perfect train riding outfit.

Here is the basic pattern I will be working with, I have it drawn and cut in plastic and on my dummy now. So this week perhaps I will get the toille done and go from there. I still intend to work on Harley Quinn, I just seem to do better when I have more than one thing to focus on at a time. Hopefully more updates to follow.


  1. oh GORGEOUS DO IT! When costumes ask to be made, we should listen!

  2. now i am really quite intrigues - I got into the whole costuming thing when I saw the dress of the white Queen in Alice - then got sidetracked into Steampunk. Like you, I believe it should be pseudo Victorian with a bit of comic book and some added personal touches - I shall be watching your blog closely! Love the plaid - it looks gorgeous - good luck!

  3. Great fabric! I can't wait to see what you make of it!

  4. What book is that?