Monday, June 14, 2010

16th Century Irish

Once upon a time I played nobility at Renaissance Faires. I could not even imagine the very thought of not being a noble. I took several years off and now have been actively going to Ren faires again for 2 full years. In that time I met up with an old friend who is a member of Saint Patrick's Irish group and was invited to guest with them last Valhalla. I went ahead mostly because my hubby begged me because he is absolutely in love with Irish culture and plays an Irish Gleeman at faire. I fell in love with the group and made many good friends. So for this Valhalla I made myself an Irish style gown.

This is me in my Irish with Daniel who is wearing the Ionar I made for him a couple of months ago.

16th century Irish is an interesting time period to sew from because there is almost no information available.
So I took what little I could find and extrapolated a bit. You can not tell from the picture, but this is a split front gown. There will be a saffron colored petticoat and a new leine in the near future.
The gown was extremely comfortable and I loved being bright red.

Here are most of the St. Patrick girls with our hair braided, with Laurie from Daze of Laur and a couple of the guys.

Closer shot of my bodice and proof that Laurie and I are two different people. Aren't we cute both in red? We resemble each other enough that when I first started going to Faires again people often mistook me for her. If you ever need something completely amazing made then Laurie is the one to go to! Not only is she one of the most talented seamstresses I have ever been fortunate enough to meet, she is also one of the absolute sweetest people in the world.


  1. Very well done. Is an Ionar of this type something you might be willing to do again? Any way to contact you in that case?

  2. You can email me at I'd be happy to discuss an Ionar with you. Thanks