Friday, April 25, 2014

Challenge #8 UFO UnFinished Object

I have a box of unfinished projects, I hate opening the box and reminding myself of those projects. But here is the next challenge and I have at least one project that I really should just finish up. 
My Florentine Gown from 2009.
I dove into this gown with a gusto. I researched and sewed my heart out. Then I kind of ran out of steam. I found that the skirt ended up slightly crooked, then I really got lost when I needed to move and I had not completed the sleeves. I wore it to a ball with out the sleeves and briefly to a Renaissance Faire, then into the box it went with every intention of being completed. 
Then life happened and I pretty much did not sew for almost 2 years. I attempted to take it our in 2013 but ended up still not completing it. 

So what does it need? Sleeves for the main gown. That's it. 

Here it is while it was in progress. My very first dedicated sewing area too. 
This makes me happy.

One problem that I am having is that my skill level has changed so much since I started it, I just don't know if I like the gown anymore. But right now the sleeves are cut and pinned, just needing to be sewn together so I am going to work on this and get it completed. Then I can move on. 

Once I have the gown itself completed then if I still have time left in the 2 week challenge I will complete the partlet and caul to go with it. At the time I even bought an ermine to stuff and decorate as an accessory. 

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