Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Progress on the Flour Sack Dress

The little dress is coming along nicely. The pattern is fairly easy to follow and the cotton is really nice to work with. It's rougher than the cotton that I am used to, being of a courser weave but that just makes it less slippery.
I have to work in 15-20 minute time slots and that's if I'm lucky. Megan has not eaten my pattern as of yet as my old cat would have done, but she is fascinated by my sewing machine and once she notices that I am sewing she is quick to make it over and want into my lap which leads to her wanting to push all of the cool buttons...
Being only one year old she does not have an appreciation for the dress being made for her, just that it is one more thing that is keeping mommy from holding her. That being said, we are making due and it's coming together. 

I did manage to place the wrong pieces of the pattern on the fold so I had to sew the center and now it has a seam instead of a nice smooth front line. I think it will look okay though. I just have to pay much closure attention to what I'm doing. 

I got a chance to go through my vintage lace collection to find lace for the trim. Decided on a slightly understated lace trim. 
So I'm about half way done and have spent probably 1 1/2 - 2 hours so far. Now that I have figured out how to spend my sewing time in small chunks while Megan is playing near by, I am getting much more accomplished. I used to throw myself into projects and spend a whole weekend or night on it, but this is allowing me to set a slow and steady pace. I took more pictures of the process with my actual camera, now to find the cord to upload them....

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