Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Dreaded "In Progress Box"

So last week I had two deadlines I was working on feverishly, one was a new Ionar for my friend Daniel and one was a new corset and outfit for a Steampunk Ball. I have learned over time that if I get to the point on a deadline for myself that I am just not going to make, then I don't stress over it. I just don't have the energy to stay up until 3:30am the night before a dance rushing to finish garb that I will end up having to redo because of the rushing process. After all I have 2 kids, 6 horses, a full time job, a handful of various other creatures, and a husband who all depend on me to retain some small amount of sanity. So I made the decision after one of those such nights that I would remain calm in my sewing endeavors and if it looks as if I will not have a finished outfit in time, then I will keep sewing but also start looking for alternatives.So I diligently worked on Daniel's Ionar, hand sewing the little details and was happy to hand it over to his glowing review last Wends. I will be posting pictures this upcoming week. He is currently wearing it at Southern Faire right now.

As I was working on the Ionar it seemed fate was working against me on my corset project. First none of my drawer of steel boning was the right length. So I decided to get some plastic boning. First store was out, second store only had 4 yards left. I ended up only having enough to bone one side. So here is a pic of how far I got.
I need to go out and get more boning and then bind it, I am going to use some brown velvet for the binding because I have it in my stash and I think the brown will look nice.
So now it is officially in my "In Progress" box.
I also ended up working late that night anyway and did not get to go to the Steampunk Ball. Which was frustrating, but the reality for weeknight events for me.
On another note I have a Renaissance Faire this upcoming weekend that I need to have something to wear to. So I have decided that this is a great reason to finish my Florentine Gown. It just needs sleeves, which are already cut out, the net or partlet, and if I have the time, a matching caul and new chemise. So I am hoping to finish the sleeves today.

Picture of the Dreaded "In Progress" box.


  1. Finish that Florentine and wear it to Valhalla so I can slobber and drool on it!

  2. haha, I'm working on it. :D Glad to knwo you will be at Valhalla

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