Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Challenge #8 UFO Complete

The Challenge: UFO Unfinished Object
Fabric: Green cotton velveteen, cream shiny poly something, trims.
Pattern: Started as a Margo Anderson Pattern in 2009ish
Year: 1560's
Notions: metallic copper trim, black velvet trim, black ribbon
How historically accurate is it? All modern materials and hand sewn 
Hours to complete: completing sleeves only took maybe 5 hours once I got started.
First worn: haven't worn yet
Total cost: nothing, all from stash and was sitting unfinished
I wasn't able to get a really good picture, I realized that I don't have any hoops to wear this over to show off the gown shape. So I took a pic of just the newly finished sleeves. Now I have a potential loaner gown for friends who may need something to wear to faire. 

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